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Written by certified wine educators, our wine course anchors on practical topics that can help you better understand and enjoy wine. We go for quality over quantity when it comes to knowledge.

Study Plan: Start with Lesson 1 or jump to a topic of interest below. Supplement our wine course with our wine tasting exercises to improve your wine tasting skills and palate sensitivity.

We recommend you take the detailed course. However if time is a constraint, you can visit our insider tips: Ten Knowledge that you turn you into an instant wine pro.

Wine Lesson Index

1. Wine Tasting Techniques

Know the right way to hold a wine glass. Master wine tasting techniques in 3 simple steps. Be a confident wine drinker in social and business events.

2. Basic Grapes

Know the basic grapes and their personalities. Know which to order in restaurants.

3. How to Serve Wine

3 Simple steps to make your wine tastes better. Know what type of wine glass to use, when to aerate / decant.

4. Wine & Food Pairing

Learn the one universal pairing principle. Also covers cheese pairing and tips on hard to pair dishes.

5. Preserving an Opened Bottle

Know how to keep an opened bottle fresh longer. Review various preservation methods.

6. Temperature: Don't Ruin Your Wine

Know the right temperature to store a wine. Know the right temperature to serve wine. Learn the signs of a heat damaged bottle.

7. How to Order Wine in a Restaurant

Know what to do in a restaurant. Be aware of wine faults. Know when to send a bottle back.

8. Understand Wine Labels

Wine labels tell a lot. Learn the clues to assess a bottle's quality and character.

9. Wine Regions

Old World vs. New World? Know their differences, key wine regions, and reliable producers.

10. Proper Wine Storage

Learn how to age and store wine. Learn signs of a damaged bottle. Where do you store your wines if you do not have a wine fridge / wine cellar at home?

11. Start a Wine Collection

Tips on starting your first wine collection. Understand maturity of wines. Know which type of wines can be aged and which are for early enjoyment.

12. Be Savvy, Avoid Common Wine Myths

Truth or Myths -- The older the bottle, the higher its value? Wine and cheese are the perfect pairing partner? To know if a wine is good, smell its cork?

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