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Wine Tasting Scorecard

A great resource for wine tasting party or for training your palate and senses. Our Scorecard uses a systematic approach to assessing wine.

Wine Serving Temperature

A Gamay and a Syrah should be served at two different temperature, despite both being red wines. Be a savvy host and know what is the perfect serving temperature for your wine.

Wine Aroma Table

A must-have wine tasting trainer. Our Wine Aroma Table groups impressions into aroma category. Begin identifying the broader categories and train your nose and palate to pick up individual impressions.

Quick Guide to Wine Types

Red Wine Summary and aroma notes on the 3 most important red wines that you must know, their characters, when to order which, and what to pair with.

White Wine Summary and aroma notes on the 3 most important white wines, their characters, when to order which, and what to pair with.

Buy Smart with our Vintage Chart

Don't overpay for a bottle. Know what years are smart buys and what years to avoid (differ by regions). Download our vintage chart and avoid overpaying for disapointing years.

Wine Party Themes

4 Popular themes for a wine party. To spice it up, make these blind tasting challenge (i.e. wrap the bottles, not blind your guests :)).

Wine Regions Maps

Download our one-page graphic display of the world's major wine regions, highlight the key wine regions in France, Italy, Spain...

1855 Bordeaux Grand Cru Chart

~60 top Chateau from Bordeaux were classified and categorized into five top grand cru classe tiers in 1855.

Wine and Moods Pairing

Feeling sad or deflated after a long day, change your moods with the right glass. Feeling sexy or energetic, there is a glass to pair with this playful mood. Download our Wine and Mood Pairing Graph.

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Wine Serving Temperature
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Wine Party Themes
Wine Party Themes