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A good wine tasting note help you visualize and relive your wine tasting experience. It is not just descriptive, but precise on the characteristics and aromas of the wine. Our wine aroma chart / tasting note aid is designed to help you achieve this.

Practice Exercise: Take several good sniffs of your wine to identify the types of aroma present: fruity, floral, nutty, earthy, herby, spicy, or bad. The below tasting note aid, categorized by aroma type, will help you narrow down from broad category to specific impressions.

The yellow-highlighted columns contain useful description to help you better remember the overall strengths and impressions of the wine.

Wine Aroma Chart

To download a pdf version, click here or anywhere on the above picture.

Note: Download is free for personal use. If for commercial or broader community purpose, please contact us.

For more information, please visit our wine lesson "What to Do in Wine Tasting".


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