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Insights from our wine consultants covering long established wine regions as well as up and coming ones. Where to go? Who to visit? What are the most-knows about the regions?

Wine Splashing in Glass

Champagne: Know All the Insider Tricks

Top 10 Practical facts on Champagne. How to properly open a sparkling? How to keep an opened bottle fresh longer? How long can you age Champagne and more.

Italy: The Land of Kings & Queens

By far, the most diverse wine producing country and one of the most confusing when it comes to wine labels and laws. Our practical guide focues on what you need to know, the key regions, grapes, and value-for-money options.

Spain: Where Wines Dance & Sing

Plenty of sunshine and a free spirit culture, Spanish wines offer quality without the pain (not to mention its value for money price tags). Take a short journey with us, discover the Spanish wine regions, their gems, and their outstanding producers.

Sherry: 12 Most Commonly Asked Questions

Sherry is the latest fashion. Trendy tapas and sherry bars has changed the attitude and corrected misperception on this great drink! A practical guide to sherry - serving temperature, storage, shelf life, food pairing and more.

Bandol: An Insider Guide

Insider guide to Bandol wine. What is it famous for? Wine character and great producers to try. Expert tips.


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